Product Information

Our best seller, Sesame Grey Granite is perfect for virtually any space, as the stone is not only affordable but also has a timeless and classic look. The most durable and hardest stone available today, granite has been in very high demand for essentially any type of project you can imagine. Forming as a result of the cooling down of magma within the earth’s crust, it contains predominantly quartz and feldspar giving the stone its integrity and beautiful patterns.

This combination has allowed us to utilise the material in some of the most substantial commercial projects we’ve undertaken to date. And yet it is also cost effective and versatile enough for residential projects, both interior and exterior.

Its colours, patterns, and textures are virtually endless; the stone is suitable for any project given a wide range of locales. From granite pavers surrounding a pool, to hardscapes that exhibit tremendous depth and luxury, to interior flooring options for that bit of something unexpected, we have the granite for your next project!

Product Specification

• Stone: Granite
• Suitable For: Internal and transitional areas including lobbies, bathrooms, feature walling and more
• Custom Order: Lead time approx. 6-8 weeks

Custom Orders

We can custom make any size, shape or thickness, in an array of unique finishes suitable for internal and external areas. If your project happens to require a specialised stone product, Sam the Paving Man is the only place to turn when it comes to creating unique and bespoke pieces. The possibilities truly are endless when you work with us.