Product Information

Paver 600*300*80

*Please contact our sales staff to discuss quantities available, please note that stock levels change on a daily basis.

Yet another colour within our Bluestone range, Natural Bluestone is characterised by its warm charcoal blue tones and classic ‘cat paw’ holes throughout. Compared to our other Bluestone products (Anstone and Huron), Natural Bluestone shows more of a deeper blue colour.

The sandblasted finish is perfect for around pools and external areas where slip resistance is required. The stone’s finish is perfect underfoot and smooth to touch, yet also has a strong grip. Not only reliable in texture and colour, Natural Bluestone is also an affordable option for your project. Whether used in internal or external environments, Natural Bluestone brings a rustic “of-the-earth” feel to any space, and is versatile as it suits both classic and modern looks.

Product Specification

• Stone Type: Bluestone
• Suitable For: Commercial spaces, backyards, driveways, pool surrounds, backyards and more